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There are some people, or so it is said, who find books on statistics boring. Hard to believe but there it is. Here at TechBookReport we don't take such scurrilous rumours seriously. There are, unfortunately a number of authors who subscribe to this belief, and respond to it by writing 'the fun guide to multivariate statistics' or 'data analysis for groovy kids'. Even more unfortunately there are publishers out there who encourage this by publishing such books, knowing full well that the patronising nonsense within is neither fun, interesting or of much educational value. Thankfully 'Intro Stats' exists to show that it is possible to write, and publish, books on statistics which are interesting, engaging, unpatronising and which pack a good educational punch without getting bogged down in arcane mathematical proofs, heavy weight notation or dense formulae that frightens the horses.

This is an introductory statistics text, (the clue is in the title), which stands head and shoulders above most of the competition. The exposition is always clear and is aided by good design, with effective use of graphics and colour. The worked examples are exactly that, with a step by step approach that doesn't spoon-feed the reader but neither does it leave the reader behind by missing crucial steps. This step-by-step approach is very effective, and it greatly assists the authors in their aim to help the reader understand what is going on. [Continued]

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