Web Book Reviews

This is the place to find reviews on all topics related to the web and web-related technologies, from mark-up and presentation languages (HTML, XHTML, CSS etc) to programming languages (PHP, ASP, JSP etc) to technologies like Ajax. Other topics that get coverage include search engines, SEO, Google and so on.

If you are interested in other types of programming or XML then take a look also at the TechBookReport programming book reviews, the XML book reviews or the Java book reviews.


HTML and CSS: Learning Web Design provides a useful introduction to web site development using HTML and CSS, as does Spring Into HTML and CSS. For more on CSS then CSS Cookbook is good and Cascading Style Sheets - The Definitive Guide does what it says on the tin. JavaScript gets taken care of in JavaScript and DHTML Cookbook.

PHP: PHP is well covered by Core PHP and PHP 5 Power Programming. For PHP with MySQL then Core Web Application Development With PHP and MySQL is well worth seeking out.

Google and SEO: Anyone interested in getting the most out of AdSense or AdWords should seek out Google Advertising Tools. Also recommended is Google Hacks - both from a user and programmer viewpoint. Finally, for a lool at search engine optimisation (SEO), then The ABC of SEO is a good read.

Ajax: There's a real rush of books on Ajax, but the TechBookReport favourites include Head Rush Ajax and Ajax In Action.

ASP/JSP: ASP.NET is well-covered by Programming ASP.NET and on the Java side Murach's Java Servlets and JSP gets a recommendation.

Other recommendations: Finally, no web developer can afford to take risks with security which is why we recommend Innocent Code.


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