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Keywords: C#, web development, ASP, .Net, Visual Studio

Title: C# Web Development With ASP.Net

Author: Jose Mojica

Publisher: Peachpit Press

ISBN: 0201882604

Media: Book

Level: Beginner

Verdict: There are better books on C#, Web Development and ASP.Net - this one doesn't get the TechBookReport seal of approval

Despite the title, the stated intention of this book is to teach people to program using C#. Web development and ASP.Net are almost incidental, convenient platforms on which to learn about C#. And, just to be completely clear, the target readership is not those people switching from another programming language to C#, but those who are, in the main, people who have never programmed before.

Given all of that, this is a fairly bizarre sort of undertaking. Firstly, there are no particular advantages to learning to program using with ASP.Net as a platform, in fact in many ways it complicates matters. Not only that, for the most part it also assumes that the reader has access to Visual Studio .Net, not exactly the sort of low cost toolset that the casual beginner has access to. It begs the question, just who is this book really targeted at?

The book itself is well designed, with good use of text and graphics. Program listings are colour-coded which makes things clearer and more useful. It certainly gets full marks for design. Unfortunately it is the content that leaves a lot to be desired.

It isn't particularly the fault of the author, it is the style of the book that is the problem. Everything is broken down into the simplest of steps and illustrated whenever possible. Important programming concepts are skated over quickly so that the book can move onto something that the reader can do. Terms are introduced that aren't explained until much later. In particular in the opening chapters the reader is basically typing stuff in without understanding why.

Books like this are produced for people who want a quick way into programming. Simplification is everything because it offers instant gratification, but it doesn't really deliver. If you are interested in learning to program then do yourself a favour and buy something that carries some weight. And if you're specifically interested in ASP.Net this book really has very little to offer you.

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