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Keywords: Java, databases, SQL, JDBC, object persistence

Title: Java Data Objects

Authors: David Jordan, Craig Russell

Publisher: O'Reilly

ISBN: 0596002769

Media: Book

Level: Intermediate Java

Verdict: An excellent introduction and tutorial on JDO

Java Data Objects (JDO) bridges the gap between object oriented programming and relational databases, a gap that currently means many applications have to switch from objects to tables and SQL as soon as they hit the data. Using JDO it is possible to use objects throughout an application, and does not require the user to unbundle objects into relational tables or to depend on the vagaries of object serialisation.

This book, written by two key contributors to the development of JDO, offers an authoritative and clear introduction to the subject. The opening chapter alone is worth the price of admission - it builds a small application that effectively walks through the use of a wide range of JDO capabilities. It's an exemplary piece of technical writing: clear, well-written, intelligent and immediately useful.

From that initial chapter more detailed material follows, much of it building on the initial application described in the first chapter. Subsequent chapters cover everything, from how JDO works under the covers to transaction processing, object identity, web applications and J2EE.

While JDO is vendor-independent, there are inevitably differences between implementations. Wisely the authors stick to using Sun's reference implementation, which is used throughout the text. Neither is any particular database specified in the book, this is firmly in keeping with the philosophy of JDO. The whole point is that JDO is at the Java level not the JDBC level.

If you want to find out where Java database programming is headed than this is a great place to start.

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