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Keywords: Geek humour, cartoons, satire

Title: Even Grues Get Full

Author: JD 'Illiad' Frazer

Publisher: O'Reilly

ISBN: 0596005660

Media: Book

Even Grues Get Full is the fourth User Friendly collection by Illiad, charting the trials and tribulations of the folks at Columbia ISP. It's the story of everyday tech folk - battling users, script kiddies, office politics, ICBM silos, VC funding and so on. (A bit like our very own 'Meet Joe Bloggs' of course).

The humour in User Friendly is the sort that inspires smiles of recognition rather than out and out belly laughs. There are enough in-jokes, geek references and caffeine-related incidents to keep us all amused. Of course there are also the asides and comments at the Beast of Redmond to remind us where Illiad is coming from.

For those that like their cartoon humour tech-flavoured it's worth checking out.

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