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Keywords: Excel, automation, macros, VBA, programming

Title: Excel VBA In Easy Steps

Author: Ed Robinson

Publisher: Computer Step

ISBN: 1840782714

Media: Book

Level: Introductory

Verdict: A good introduction for the complete beginner

Even for seasoned Excel power users there is only so far that you can go without having to dive down into code. While recording a simple macro is one thing, having to go down into strange-looking VBA code is something more than a bit scary. Hacking VBA code is fine for most developers, even if they prefer to code in other languages, but for users it's not a prospect that they are likely to cherish. However Ed Robinson's 'Excel VBA In Easy Steps' provides the ideal guide to help along those tentative first steps into Excel automation.

The book starts from scratch and assumes no prior knowledge of VBA or programming. In simple steps the book proceeds from the mechanics of entering code and assigning it to a button through to variables, loops, control flow, arrays and the care parts of the Excel object model. Using simple procedures and functions, code is developed to manipulate cells, ranges, worksheets, workbooks and more.

The language is always accessible and easy to follow, and this is aided by the excellent use of colour graphics, fonts and headings. Some books over-dose on clever design to the detriment of the content, but not here. As with the other books in this series the design and the content work together to produce a product that is well-targeted at the non-professional audience.

Existing programmers wanting to dip their toes into Excel automation and VBA are better off looking at something like The Definitive Guide to Excel VBA. But for non-programmers wanting to delve deeper into Excel this is a great place to learn the rudiments of VBA coding.

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