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Keywords: Networking, LAN, Linux, Unix, Samba-3

Title: Samba-3 By Example, 2e

Author: John H. Terpstra

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 013188221X

Media: Book, CD

Level: All levels

Verdict: A highly recommended resource


While it's relatively straightforward to network a couple of Windows and Linux/Unix machines using Samba, things can get tricky very quickly as your needs scale up. A simple bit of file sharing is one thing, but once you throw in LDAP, Active Directory, roaming profiles and the like things can get very tricky. While Samba can handle complex enterprise networks, getting it right is no mean feat. Sure, there's the official HOW-TO and lots of documentation, there's nothing like having a few concrete examples to look at. Which is where this book comes in …

Part cookbook and part tutorial, Samab-3 By Example provides a wide variety of scenarios that show how to use the software to solve real life networking requirements. These examples start with the absolute basics of file sharing to a distributed 2000-user office, including OpenLDAP, DHCP, DNS, roaming profiles and the like. The rationale for each of the scenarios is clearly explained in the context of a fictitious company. This provides a convenient peg on which to hang the different requirements, and additionally makes for a narrative of increasingly complex business needs that have to be addressed.

The implementation of each of the solutions is clearly explained, with complete instructions and, just as importantly, the complete set of configurations settings and files. These files are included in the accompanying CD, so if there's a requirement that is close to the one you're working on it's an easy task to adapt the files rather than starting from scratch.

In addition to the scenarios, there are chapters on specific topics, including migrating from NT4 domains or Netware, how best to handle upgrades from previous versions of Samba. A reference section covers active directory, Kerberos, performances and reliability and more.

It should be noted that this is a new and updated edition, (the first edition is reviewed here). This edition, which covers Samba 3.0.20 or later, is more than just a simple update. There's plenty of new material - the page count is up by around 200 pages - to make this worth checking out.

If you have ambitions to become a Samba expert, then this really is an ideal resource. Highly recommended.

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