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Keywords: Study skills, writing, education, undergraduate texts

Title: The Good Writing Guide for Education Students

Author: Dominic Wyse

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1412919843

Media: Book

Level: Student

Verdict: Recommended for students looking to improve writing skills


The Good Writing Guide For Education Students is an easy to understand and helpful guide to improving research and writing skills. The book is aimed at anyone in the education world looking to improve his or her work. It is divided into two parts, the first aiming to help improve research skills, (including referencing) and the second to improving the actual write up. This includes advice on how to plan effectively, how to structure information and how to interpret any criticism.

These areas are then further divided into subtopics, which aim to cover every area possible within planning, researching and writing. Each section has helpful 'top tips', which highlight the most important points. At the end of each section there is also a summary of all the important 'do's and don'ts' for each topic being covered. These seem to be particularly helpful if you need to find a point quickly as it is easy on the eye.

Within the second part of the book (writing the work), there are examples given of students? work, one good and one bad, to help further demonstrate the points being addressed. This is very effective as when you come to write your own essays there are clear examples to compare to. This area of the book also helps with the basics of writing essays such as the use of grammar and punctuation, going through them in a step by step guide.

The language used throughout the book is simple but effective and does not come across as patronising. The presentation of the book is also very effective as it does not seem too heavy; each section is split into short paragraphs with ?top tips? to break up all the writing, therefore it was a very easy read.

Overall the book is very useful and straight to the point, going through exactly what lecturers look for in a good piece of work. I would recommend it to anyone struggling with researching information or with writing essays at degree level.

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